1. Legacy Medals

    These medals are awarded during extraordinary times or to those with outstanding achievements.

    Battlefield Heroes Veteran

    Awarded to those who fought with Mr. Man against the BFH admin team from 2009-2010 to stop the pay-2-win onslaught. Rest brave few who bought the parrots in good faith only to see them become commercial exploitation.

    Community Veteran

    Awarded to those who stood firm alongside the community through times of immense difficulty. Note: medal is awarded only at discretion.
  4. Event Medals

    These medals are awarded to the winners of special MMPr events.

    2012 Easter Egg Hunt Event Winner

    Awarded to winner of the 2012 Easter Egg Hunt event held on the forum.

    Supremacy 1914 Event - Competition Winner

    Awarded to the winner of the Supremacy 1914 competition held at interval.

    Arcade Vanquisher

    Awarded to those who topped the entire arcade leaderboard in a single day.
  8. Demerits

    You really shouldn't get a medal for being in this category... but I am a nice guy.

    Shitposter Extraordinaire

    Pretty self explanatory... try to hold your breath when close to the winner.
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