Welcome back to the redesigned forum, both old and new members!

I'll provide an overview as to what's changed:

1. Privacy & security - remains a high priority for us as we continue operating. I highly recommend you take advantage of 2FA features and enable the use of temporary codes to create a double-layer for your account: https://www.mmpr.org/index.php?account/two-step/. Also be sure to review your forum privacy settings here: https://mmpr.org/index.php?account/privacy

2. The forum now comes in 3 flavors. You can access the features by going to the top right and selecting the button next to the search icon.

From there you can select from 3 background designs depending on preference and control other aspects of the current forum layout including effects like the current confetti one.

3. The gameserver tab shows information on all of the games we are currently running. We are in the process of bringing more game variety back but over the last year I was focused on growing our Steam group. More information to come.

4. We have exited out of Discord altogether. Its features just aren't enough for what I am looking for. I am not considering creating another one in the meantime.

If any questions, reach out.
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well nothing ever happened here and hector vanished again so I stopped checking in
are you bringing back creative
Yes, and I saw Hector floating around on Facebook. He even got his son to like my page lol
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Email notifications are now working.
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NavyPride reporting for nostalgia.
Welcome back sonny. We're kickstarting everything again. The key is now to wake the dead and get new blood!
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Also your old account is still here... check the chatbox below.
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