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A new era has dawned. The March 2014 purge was extremely successful and the leadership has managed to cleanse the forum of any negativity that used to permeate and poison the MMPr atmosphere @Mr. Man has finally repaired and redesigned the forum to a point where it's both fast and user-friendly. Unfortunately, while he was able to preserve user accounts and post counts, he was unable to save the most important part of any forum: the unrelenting piles of garbage known as threads and posts.

This presents a new opportunity; the beginning of a beautiful relationship where people stopped shitposting and actually contributed information that engages and entertains other people in the community. But until then, the current wasteland will continue uncontrolled.

As far as game servers are concerned, there will be no activity until further notice or until a point where enough interest is shown from the majority that warrants my immediate attention. This is not to say that I am not in the hunt for new providers. RHS has stopped giving us free servers as a result of our long hiatus and I hope we'll be able to repair that relationship.

As always, I welcome and eagerly await criticism and hope those of you who have loyally remained by my side throughout this journey will continue supporting the community! Then what's the point of keeping the forum and community up?

That's for me to know and for you to discover on your own.

Forum changes are as followed:
  • Improved responsiveness.
  • Removed unnecessary sections (will be re-added if necessary in the future).
  • Flattened the design (more like downloaded someone's template and modified it).
  • Removed a lot of unnecessary plugins that were unused.
  • Upgraded the forum to a recently-released version.
  • Added automatic newsfeed for relevant topics located here: http://mmpr.org/forums/3rd-party-news-announcements.20/
  • Reset user passwords. Please follow the recovery instruction listed at the top of the forum.
  • Forum is now ACTUALLY mobile-friendly.
  • Forum now auto-fits the computer screen! (Yay dynamic width styling).
  • User signatures' max height is now 150px. I did this to target users like you, @robilo1100
  • Forum chat is back and can be accessed by all.
  • The exquisite lounge is now protected by a password. Maybe VIPs will actually mean something in the future. Where are the keys!?
  • Medals are also back. I am currently in the process of moving all the previous medals back.
  • Yay some anti-DDoS protection again!
  • Fixed alert notifications
  • Added medals back
  • Added more bells and whistles to the front page (last user's avatar for last posts, new post notifications, etc).
    --- Added on 6/24/2014---
  • Fixed the forum header and logo.
  • Changed the color scheme to be more soothing and less bright against the white background.
  • Implemented the exquisite lounge and started adding content.
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i deleted a bunch of people and you got taken out by accident lol the forum was down so i couldnt find you lol