1. Legacy Medals

    Medals bestowed upon a person or individuals in extremely circumstantial times.

    Community Veteran

    Awarded to those who stood fast and firm alongside the community through times of insurmountable odds. Note: There are no specific criterias for earning this medal and is awarded at discretion.

    Battlefield Heroes Veteran

    Awarded to the brave few who stood side-by-side with Mr. Man and fought the autocracy that was BFH's administrative team from 2009-2010 in a valiant yet vain effort to stop the pay-2-win onslaught. Rest easy... ye who first bought the parrots in good faith only to see them become commercial exploitations.

    Shitposter Extraordinaire

    Awarded to individuals who are so talented at creating new content that they've managed to set the community back not one step, but hundreds, if not thousands, of miles back in social, technological, and economical development.
  5. Event Medals

    Medals bestowed upon winners of competitions, participants of rare events, or a wonderful combination of both!

    2012 Easter Egg Hunt Event Winner

    Awarded to the individual who scored the highest amount of successful egg recoveries on the forum and website during 2012's Easter Egg Hunt event.

    Arcade Vanquisher Medal

    Awarded to those who managed to top all leaderboards for the entire arcade page in a day.

    2012 Supremacy 1914 Competition Winner

    Awarded to the winner of the first Supremacy 1914 competition held in 2012.

    2013 Supremacy 1914 Competition Winner

    Awarded to the winner of the second Supremacy 1914 competition held in 2013.
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